Conversation - Fluency

If you found out that a member of your family had committed a crime, what would you do?
If you were sent back in time to assassinate somebody, who would it be?
If a child is not found quickly, how long should the authorities continue to look for him/her?
Who is more to blame, the person who offers a bribe or the person who accepts it?
What causes terrorism?
What difficulties do you think people held captive might face when they are released?
What can be done to protect non-military targets from violent attacks?

Why do you think so many people, especially children, enjoy the snow?
What do you think we can learn from space exploration?
Do you think we should build more nuclear power stations to generate more electricity? Why/not?
Do you know anyone who is a windbag?
How different would life be if we all spoke the same language?

How restful are your holidays?
Do you enjoy going to parties? Are you a party animal or a party pooper?
What is the silliest present you have ever received or been given?
Do you believe in ghosts and witches? Why/not?
Do you think it can ever be acceptable to take drugs or medicines during a sports competition such as the Olympics?
When you think of Christmas, who do you think of first - Father Christmas or Jesus Christ? Why?

Which books have had the biggest impact on you?
How do you motivate people to do things for you?
Why do students often find it easy to remember taboo words in English?
Can memory loss ever be a good thing?
What difficulties might people have if punctuation were abolished?
Do you think exams which are taken in one country should be valid all over the world (e.g. English exams, driving tests, etc?)

What can we learn about ourselves when we take risks in life?
Do you like change or do you prefer things to stay the same?
Do you think life is more stressful now than in the past?
Why are magic stories so popular with children?
What was your favorite magic story as a child, and why?
What colours suit you?
Which is more important to you - success or happiness?
Have you got any pictures on your walls at home? If so, did you choose them? Why/not?
Can you remember your dreams?

Robin Hood's intentions were good. To what extent does this justify his actions? Does the end ever justify the means?
In your country is marriage a civil or a religious arrangement? Can married couples get divorced?
What names did/will you choose for your children? Why do you like those names?
How would you define humour?
To what extent are left-handed people placed at a disadvantage in today's world?
Should people of the same-sex be permitted to get married? Why/not?
What are the worst mistakes a parent can make?
Describe your happiest memories of childhood.
How difficult is it to maintain a friendship? Can a friendship last a lifetime?
Would you like to be the child/brother/sister/parent or someone very famous?

Who do you think benefits most from globalisation?
Is it fair that some countries have nuclear weapons and some countries are not permitted to?
In what ways are identity cards a good idea?
Who should be responsible for finding new jobs for the unemployed - the government or the individual?
Do you believe in euthanasia?
To what extent do you think the film and music industries glorify guns?
Can you think of anything you would be prepared to kill or die for?

Does the healthcare system in your country focus more on prevention or cure of illnesses?
How has the way we shop changed over the last 50 years?
Why is nudity often considered shocking?
If you could design a new uniform for the police, army, schoolchildren (etc) what changes would you make?
Would you want to have your own clone? Why/not?
Whether you smoke or not, why do you think people take up smoking?
What should be done in cases where a pet attacks someone?
When does a cultural characteristic become a national stereotype?

What changes do you think need to be made to air travel security measures in order to reduce the terrorist threat?
At what age should people stop driving for good?

How important is it for young people to visit other countries?