MS EXCEL - Formatting in Excel

MS EXCEL - Formatting in Excel

Formatting is available under Home Tab in Excel

Format Painter - Used to Copy formatting from one Cell/Range to other. Double click this
option to apply multiple time

Font Formatting - It consists of Font Name, Size and Bold/Italics/Underline option

Border Formatting - It allows you to modify cell borders

Text Formatting - It has various alignment option and Wrap Text option

Number Formatting - It gives various options of formatting Number like Currency,
                                  Percentage, Decimals etc.

Table Formatting - Format table data, various styles available to choose from.

Cell Formatting (Cell Styles) - It allows to adjust height, width, insert and delete options

You can do formatting manually, by selecting fonts, font color and size, background colors and borders, or you can do the formatting quickly and automatically using styles. A style is a mixture of formatting that you can apply over and over, like paint.